18 September 2017



Commissions for interdisciplinary collaborations between creative practitioners.

Metanast and the School of Arts & Media at the University of Salford are inviting local practitioners of different creative disciplines to collaborate and present new experimental works at A Grand Exposition. Part of the Manchester Science Festival, the event is a four-day celebration of the merging of art, science, and technology evident among the North West’s creative talent.

The Symbiotic Synergies commissions is an initiative aiming to promote unity and cooperation among individuals of different backgrounds, informed by the phenomenon of symbiosis, the close relationships between organisms of different species. We invite local artists, performers, writers, makers, and creative technologists in creating new interdisciplinary works through up to five collaborative teams, and present them at A Grand Exposition on Sunday 29th October.

We welcome expressions of interest by both individuals wishing to work with new partners, as well as existing collaborative groups producing works that involve more than one discipline. As part of the commission, each team will be provided with a collaborative framework based on symbiosis, and asked to document and present their interpretation of the framework and how they approached working with practitioners of diverse specialties.

In supporting each collaborative team, commissioned artists will be provided with technical support for realizing their work, rehearsal and workshop spaces at the University of Salford, professional audiovisual documentation of their work, and press releases and promotion through A Grand Exposition. Further to the in-kind support, each team will be provided with a modest £100 bursary towards covering their expenses.

Expressions of interest can be submitted through the Symbiotic Synergies online form by Sunday 17 September.


20 April 2016


9 April 2014 – 20 April 2016

Metanast began its inception as an attempt to create a platform for local artists to showcase and experiment with sonic arts within an inclusive environment. Produced and curated by Manoli Moriaty and Coryn Smethurst, the collective went on to host works and performances by over one hundred artists from thirty one different countries in five continents, a befitting geographical reach for a collective named after the Greek lexeme for “migrant”.
Metanast would like to acknowledge the continuous support of organisations and the specific individuals within them for assisting and collaborating with us in realising this two-year events series, namely the University of Salford, University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, Leeds Becket University, Sound and Music, and HELMCA. Further appreciation is placed with the numerous venues in Manchester, Leeds, and Athens that provided us with their spaces, and boldly embraced programmes outside their usual ones. The many enthusiastic individuals helping the series by volunteering, from sound engineers to crowd greeters, we are forever indebted to you for your support. Foremost, no such series would exist without the passionate and genuine artists and audiences we have met over our activities. We always appreciated the great responsibility attached to an artist trusting their work in you, as with an audience trusting their sonic world, and endeavoured to approach both with the utmost respect. To everyone who’s been part of our series in any way and form, thank you for being with us for two years of noise, music, and art.