Metanast_Thumb_Nov14Metanast is an artists’ collective specialising in electroacoustic composition, live electronics performance, and creative coding. The collective supports links between academic and the wider sonic arts culture through concerts which are friendly and inclusive for all artists who wish to showcase their work irrespective of their background. Metanast promotes collaboration, interdisciplinarity, and experimentation with new and established technologies, and facilitates discourse between academic researchers and independently practising artists.

Since its conception in early 2014, the concert series has been hosted at diverse venues, such as the gritty Bassment nightclub in Ancoats, Northern Quarter’s meditative Nexus Art Cafe, and the state of the art Digital Performance Lab at MediaCityUK. Programming aims for a balance between showcasing prolific local artists alongside internationally acclaimed individuals and ensembles, featuring a wide spectrum of arts related to sound – electroacoustic compositions, film scores, noise art, mixed-media performances, and sonic installations.

Information: manolimoriaty [at] gmail [dot] com
Submissions: metanast [at] gmail [dot] com
Links: fbtwitter