25 September 2016


If, like most Mancunians, you are as excited and vitalised as we are by the new waves of scholastic swarms descending upon the city, you must be seeking refuge in furious music and premium strength spirits. As such, we are delighted to provide a cathartic refuge on Sunday 25 Sept, and honoured to be a tour stop for two of the gnarliest acts we ever had the pleasure of hosting.

 AJA and Grinder Teeth are two Berlin-based live audiovisual acts holding distinct yet equally devastating sonic powers. AJA’s distressed screams and brutalist noise walls make an industrial cacophony that grabs you in a vice like grip, while Grinder Teeth’s reverb-drenched sustained drones and stumbling beats envelope you in a suspiciously alluring and reassuring embrace before flooring you in a split second. Their Mancunian visit is part of the Hex Bitch tour, where they will be tearing apart the soundsystem of our spiritual home Texture MCR.

Supporting the two acts is one of Manchester’s hardest working DJs, Conor Thomas. Curator for The Death Of Rave and Boomkat.com labels, Conor has been mixing records long and far, with sets showcasing one of the most masterful fusion of noise, avant-garde, and techno. We are very excited to host this local heavyweight for the first time.

And our very own moody droner, Manoli Moriaty, will be setting the tone of the evening from early on. Sources close to the artist claim that this tone will be particularly low, in frequency. This pleases us.
As per usual, Texture’s well stocked and reasonably priced bar expects you with all of its alluring beverages and wonderfully smiley staff, so come and join us yet again in the loudest corner of the Northern Quarter.
Texture, 67 Lever St, M1 7FL
Doors 19:00, £5 – all profits towards the artists