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Marking our quadrennial revolution around the sun with a belated celebration featuring our past pillars and future champions of all that is forever sound, sometimes noise, and perhaps music. Metanast’s fourth birthday finds us in majestic Duclimer, right at the heart of the city’s beard-scratching suburb. Making up the programme a fine selection of the artists delighting our ears since our first step into Manchester’s sonic ecosystem. Join us on Thursday 12 July as we bid farewell to popular musics once again, and perhaps for the final edition before our grand escape from this orbital trajectory.

Jon Panther

Sonic visionary and extraordinary noise crafter, Jon has been a regular contributor to our fixed-media programme from the very beginnings of Metanast’s endeavours. After four years wait, and twelve hours flight all the way from Sidney, we are finally honoured to host his presence in the flesh for a very special live set. Suspend all presumptions and surrender your auditory systems to the scherzophobic gestures of Jon Panther.

Adam Hart

Doctor Donk and the Hardstyle six, pending parole hearing. Or maybe not. Either way, Max-maestro Adam has been a crucial pillar of the collective since its inception, and has prepared a microtonal EDM performance. Expect eloquent granulations, rigid rhythms, dartboard acrobatics, and the fuzzier side of Northern Soul.

Beedles & Dujat

From his early experiments on our humble multichannel systems, sonic prodigy Beedles has gone to dominate Manchester’s noisiest corners. Teeming with diffusion wizard Dujat, what started out of a falafel jam sesh on the UoM Hordijk modular system, the honourable gentlemen pick apart the good bits and add some spicy sauce into the equation. The resultant dish gives a refreshing spin on the classic outernational quad-platinum recipe ‘spectromorphological mangers and bash’.

Forbes & Grundy

Introducing protégé Adam Forbes and expressionistic banger-awayer George Grundy, their psychosonographic duet takes us through the exotic wilderness of Greater Manchester, were their fight their honour between cassettes, dusty drum kits, and muscular pigeons.

Mythical Brewery

Intoxicated synths, craft blues, psychedelic bellows, and the utopian dream of sobriety.