Symbiotic Synergies – A Grand Exposition

flyer01Metanast has partnered with Cornbrook Creative towards organising A Grand Exposition. Part of the Manchester Science Festival, the fringe event is showcasing works at the junction of art, science, and technology, presented in an industrial mill welcoming visitors of all ages over four days between 26-29 October 2017.

Contributing to the programme, the Metanast collective is facilitating the Symbiotic Synergies commissions. Six practitioners were invited to develop artistic outputs as a result of collaboration between artist working with different disciplines, with the process informed by the way organisms of different species cooperate in nature.

Following the initial stage of briefing and familiarisation, the collaborative teams have been developing their outputs, which will be presented on Sunday 29 October at Talbot Mill. Join us for a festival presenting the wonders emerging from the fusion of art and science, and what can be achieved when people from different backgrounds work together.

The Symbiotic Synergies programme is funded and facilitated by the School of Arts and Media of the University of Salford.

Synergy groups

‘Coatic Sequence’ with handmade modular synthesiser “Manoli” – Tasha Whittle & Darren Adcock



‘Poetry Box’ Bridie Breen & Kofi Gyamfi

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 11.54.04

‘Sentient’ – Adam Hart & Cally Statham

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 13.24.17