Echochroma XIV


The Echochroma concert series is a bi annual event presented by the Echochroma New Music Research group. The concert series feature electroacoustic music, noise and sound art works. The next Echochroma concert will take place on Tuesday 24th November in the Jubilee Room of James Graham from 5pm, is free and open to all, with a program curated by Manchester collective Metanast.


Félix-Antoine Morin Calligraphie II
Panayiotis Kokoras Construct Synthesis
Dixie Treichel ‘80 x infinity
Pascale Trudel Flamingo!
Lidia Zielińska The Eighth Island (8 ch.)
Stephen Kilpatrick Feltámadni éppolyan nehéz
Virginie Viel Nyx
Jon Panther Art: it’s dead peoples’ records
Danny Saul Reductions/Expanses (8 ch.)