Yeah Yeah Industrial

yyi perfroming pic

Yeah Yeah Industrial are a Kosmiche duo from the Northern Wastelands

Ian Simpson & Shaun Blezard are YYI, a kosmiche duo from the Northern Wastelands who have been working together and around each other for over 10 years. They have now become YYI, ambient improv/free prog soundscape improvisers.

Ian Simpson plays solo as Noise Research and in free jazz/improv outfits Wire Assembly, Kurouzu and Kipple. Ian has stayed the course and inspired and helped many young players along the way, as a musician and as a promoter.  He will also be performing as part of Rhys Chathams ensemble (for the second time) in June.

Shaun Blezard plays solo as Clutter and with iPad duo Hugs Bison and is also in Kipple. Shaun is currently a Sound and Music portfolio improviser and has been chosen to be one of SaM’s New Voices, with work placed in the British Music Collection archive.