Sophia Loizou

Sophia Loizou

Sophia Loizou is a producer, dj and sonic artist based in Bristol UK. She released her debut album ‘Chrysalis’ on London’s Astro:Dynamics label in 2014 and her second album ‘Singulacra’ was released in February 2016 on stateside label Kathexis.

Her work utilizes electroacoustic composition and production techniques combined with those more commonly associated with underground club music. Using extreme processing techniques, she deconstructs various elements of UK dance music morphing them with old pirate radio transmissions and other aural icons.

Loizou adopts a sculptural approach to working with sonic materials. She is particularly interested in decontextualizing and reconstructing concrete sounds to achieve a balance between the abstract, imagined and the real world.

The Singulacra AV show takes inspiration from seminal science fiction and depicts impossible landscapes made up of re-synthesized fragments of early 90’s rave and jungle tunes, processed archival footage and 3D virtual environments.