Rosanne Robertson

RR_LIVERosanne Robertson live performance at Les Instant Chavires, Paris. 

Rosanne Robertson is an artist working with action, sound and objects.

Robertson was selected as an emerging live artist and ‘provocateur’ of Manchester by Doodlebug for Dazed and Confused- described as “very much a provocateur who tirelessly works across all platforms and who works beneath the skin.”

Her residency project ‘Risk Assessment’ at The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art was reviewed by contemporary art journal Corridor 8 with a focus on the contrasting brutality and sensitivity in her work:

“the act of shaving is amplified and grows monstrous with the use of blades and saws alongside shavers, whilst disembodied hair appears as a dead thing. Yet, the gentle and vulnerable act of singing contradicts such violent imagery.”

Robertson has performed and exhibited at places such as The Bluecoat Gallery (Liverpool), Sluice Art Fair (London) and Roodkapje (Rotterdam) . She is co director of experimental not for profit artist led space The Penthouse (Manchester) and curator/lead artist for Noise Above Noise described by The Wire magazine as “elevating Manchester’s underground sonic scene to the fifth floor of a tower block”. Robertson currently has a sound piece ‘Do Not Hesitate to Touched’ exclusively featured on The Wire’s ‘Below The Radar’ compilation.

“I am obsessed with improvisation, action and noise and its relationship to chance and deviance. I work with objects and often tools, implements and devices to extract sound in a live situation using arrangements of found objects installed as noise making ready mades in a space.

I believe indeterminacy has a primal importance which embodies freedom. Freedom of expression, of action, of speech can be referred to by those who fear it as hysteria- if you can be seen to have lost control you can be dismissed as an unsound individual. What does it mean to take seriously/ celebrate the unsound?”

Recent performance footage by Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera at MiMa, Roodkapje (Rotterdam)