Robert Ratcliffe

Robert Ratcliffe is an internationally recognised composer, sonic artist, EDM musicologist and performer. He completed a PhD in composition and musicology (New Forms of Hybrid Musical Discourse) funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council at Keele University, UK.

He has developed a hybrid musical language and compositional technique through the cross-fertilisation of contemporary art music and electronic dance music (EDM). His compositions have been performed and broadcast in over twenty-five countries worldwide, including presentations at major international events such as ACMC, ICMC, L’espace du Son, and NIME.

In addition, he has collaborated with some of the leading performers in the fields of contemporary and experimental music, with recordings of his music available from CMMAS, Furthernoise, SONUS, and Vox Novus. His writing is published in eContact!, eOREMA, the proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC 2011), and Sonic Ideas.

In 2012 he was recruited by Robert Voisey as the Music Coordinator of the 60×60 Presenters Mix, and was invited to serve on the senior programming committee of the ICMC in Slovenia.


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