Richard Knight

Richard KnightRaised in the surroundings of conflicting natural beauty and industrial decay of northern England, many of Knight’s primary influences are based around the interaction of organic and electronic. Focusing on encapsulating avant-garde stylings within more immediately unassuming mediums, Knight often utilises specifically controlled feedback as an instrument in addition to using computers as artistic tools.
Knight’s interests include modeling organic processess with digital systems, feedback, machine learning for composition, (‘big’) data driven art, automated analysis and composition, sonification and developing new production techniques to infuse electronic and acousmatic musics.

Richard Knight releases improvised and composed music under his own name, in addition to his current production projects Michael Vinus, Tarball and Lentboy. His various projects have so far been released by Logistic Records, Pretty Neat, Electronic Musik, Horrible Injury and his own Slumberjack Records. Knight has received support and airplay from John Tejada (Samurai FM) and Daniel Steinberg (BBC Radio 1) among others. Knight is currently working on a part-improvised trio with Rob McWhirter (guitar) and Keith Jafrate (saxophone) named ‘Errk!’.