Qui Koh


Nathan Kelly is a musician from Perth, Australia currently travelling in Europe. He does not possess a formal musical education but has a life-long interest in sound recording and creation, particularly the subjective experience of noise. After an adolescent period of punk and noise rock he began performing solo in 2009 using equipment, techniques and ideas that more closely resemble his current methods. He has toured Australia and Japan on multiple occasions. This is his first time performing in Europe.

For his current performances, he utilises loop pedals, laptop, tape heads, radio, contact microphones and prepared speakers. He is interested in noise, specifically using sounds that signify inanity, annoyance, or childishness in juxtaposition with sounds commonly received as blissful or meditative. Digital holiday photos converted to sound; candid recordings of public transport conversations and random fragments of found magnetic audio tape are examples of the sound sources he samples, loops and manipulates in an improvised performance of brief vignettes.