Paul Pignon


Born and grew up in the UK. Began playing jazz at 15. Studied physics at Oxford. While there first forays into non-idiomatic improvisation (1961). Abandoned Ph.D research at Oxford in favour of music. Moved to Yugoslavia. Cofounder of the Radio Belgrade Electronic Studio. Active as composer of chamber, vocal and improvised music there, leading the group Interaction.
In 1986 moved to Sweden, composing and developing computer music software at
EMS. Member of FST and Fylkingen. Producer at Fylkingen 1988-1992. Active as composer of electronic and instrumental works, and composer/performer on single reeds, didgeridoo, recorders, voice, laptop; currently with SQ, BONON, 2+ (with Liisa Pentti), Free Speech, The Great Learning Orchestra, and other combos. Chairman of
SEAMS. Vice-chairman of Fylkingen. Initiator of The Pignon Agenda.
Has at different times made a living as a translator and software engineer.