Liisa Pentti

liisa pentti

Choreographer and dancer Liisa Pentti is one of the key figures of the post-contemporary dance scene in Finland. She has been working on the field of dance in many different roles and positions after her graduation from the Department Moderne Dans Theaterschool Amsterdam (BA) in 1986. She took her MA in dance from the Theatre Academy of Helsinki in 2010 and has a previous BA (BSoc.Scie.)  from Faculty of Political Sciences at Helsinki University.

Liisa Pentti is the artistic director of her international dance company Liisa Pentti +Co which was founded in 2000.  Her works have been presented throughout the Scandinavia, Russia and in many European countries. She is continuously finding new ways to play with the movement and to find new emergencies for choreography as an art and as a practice. The work done by Liisa Pentti +Co includes also seminars, events and workshops related to the content of the dance art and the role of the art in the society, like the After Contemporary-project 2013-17.

Liisa Pentti has a long teaching carrier both as a freelancer and in the Theatre Academy of Helsinki where she has been teaching permanently the actors and the dancers since 1990. She has also been a guest teacher in EDDC, Arnhem, in Micadanses in Paris and teaching in different festivals in Europe.

Liisa Pentti one of the core members and creators of Zodiak- Center for the New Dance in Helsinki where she was an active member of the artistic board and the executive board 1986-2012. She is one of the founders and curators of the Sidestep-festival 1996-2009. She has  curated Per Forma-event in 2011 and was the artistic director of the Full Moon –festival 2013.

In her work she is currently exploring the specificity of dance and  questions related to the non-narrative logic of the visual-kinesthetic experience. She is also concerned with the psycho-energetic dimensions and the relationships of visible and non- visible spaces as choreographic questions.