Huw McGregor

Huw Canal

Huw McGregor (b’76) studied at the Welsh Collage of Music and Drama, Bangor University North Wales. An accomplished competition performer he was presented with the Grace Williams Memorial Award for composition. His work was broadcast nationally and was subsequently commissioned to write for Cecilia Smega. Recently he has had his works performed internationally in New York and Canada, and has recently returned from performing at the International Computer Music Conference in Athens.

As one of the founding members of the Bangor New Music Festival ( North Wales), he has had an active role in the community. Playing in-groups from free improvisation to popular music, as well as teaching ‘cello and Music Technology and Composition.

He takes a deep interest in sonic research and through experimentation and exploration he explores this depth in Electroacoustic form. Through recording and listening to soundscapes he finds concepts and processes which he then transfers into his compositions.