Hugs Bison

Hugs Park

Hugs Bison are a technology driven duo, exploring the frontiers of touch technology. They are Phil Powell & Shaun Blezard, one a technologist with a passion for music, the other a musician with a passion for technology. They push tablets and apps to the limit to create cinematic, improvised soundscapes.

In 2014 they released their ambitious debut album, “A Touch Sensitive”, which showcased their uncompromising improvisational style. It tells you everything you need to know about their sound: at first it seems simple and elegant, but if you dare to listen more deeply, a darker, more complex beast is revealed within.

Their immersive live performances have gained a reputation for  leaving you somewhat dazed — their rich audio and visual improvisations enveloping and disorienting your senses, leaving you with a feeling that the familiar has become somewhat skewed.

Their music can spin from a whispered crackle to a blast of noise — and back again — in the blink of an eye. With backgrounds in free improvisation, electronica, dub, sound art and ambient, the duo unashamedly tear up the genre rule book.