Dixie Treichel


Dixie Treichel is a composer, sound artist, experimental instrument maker and broadcaster from Minneapolis, MN, USA. She is a sonic explorer who likes creating with original sounds, recordings of concrete sounds and live performance, and found sounds. that she experiments with, manipulates and mixes. Her sonic textures invite the listener on a journey into the unknown. She works with artists in multidisciplinary fields, creates audio documentaries, field recordings, theatrical sound design, experimental electro-acoustic music and sound art.

Dixie’s work has been heard in the San Francisco Tape Music Festival, Third Coast International Audio Festival, 60×60, Strange Attractors Festival, PRX, International Sound Art Festival Berlin, Harris Museum & Art Gallery-UK, MuseRuole-Radio Edition, AIR/EAR Radio Alimento-Argentina, The Dark.Outside, Environmental Art Festival-Scotland, Echoes, Osso Radio-Lisbon, Dubbelradio-Stockholm.