Diurnal Burdens


Diurnal Burdens is always Ross Scott-Buccleuch, frequently Dustin Lyon and Jay San.

They are interested in fidelity zilching, amplified barbecues, capsized signals, bloated interruptions and other spiky catastrophes. Committed to sound tracking bad news and bad moods exclusively.

Triangulating cheap crap overloaded; expensive crap horribly utilised; and composition wilfully derailed like a listing train full of mangy radiators.




Utilising no-input mixer, slide projector and hand painted slides to present textural shards which reconfigure the liminal as stasis.

His debut tape, released Feb 2017 on Gatehead’s Invisible City Records was recently described by Idwal Fisher in his review thus: ” A murky ride through looping pits of coal black darkness, deep sea murmurations as captured by a contact mic attached to the boots of a deep sea diver.”

And from the Radio Free Midwich review:
“…seems to be composed of low pressure ridges or gigantic boulders howled at by monks. Then things change and become more avian – the magical instinct of migratory birds swooping through thin magnetic fields following graceful arcs of the ocean captured on tape. The movements are delicate and angelic with an emphasis on collapse and euphoric hypnosis as centres associated with freewill switch off one-by-one.”