Darren Brian Adcock

02 - Februaryresized

I find the process of drawing therapeutic and enjoy an almost automatic approach to adding shapes, characters and language to what evolves into being both landscape and texture. I’m compulsive about methodologies that centre around repetition: repetition of lines, tones and motifs. I add extra detail and narrative to some of my work by using hidden U.V ink and audio electronics. When the viewer pass a U.V torch across the pieces you both reveal hidden drawings/text and activate the sound. The sound is manipulated mostly by photoelectric sensors. I build electronics to fit with the the pieces, this isn’t necessarily a fully conscious process since the making of each component is a separate process. This brings a different form of organisation that adds an element of surprise and chance that I enjoy. It also means that each work is more than the sum of its parts as  they expand through interaction. My selection of sounds is based on my passion and exploration of raw electronic sound and acoustic elements.